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Pet Policy

Seven2Five Pty Ltd welcomes you and your beloved pet(s). We are committed to providing quality services to you all and this policy outlines a few house rules so we can always do so. We too, have our own pets and we need to ensure yours and ours are respected with their own space and safety.

What type of pet(s) would have a great time at Seven2Five?

Well behaved Cats and Dogs are most welcome. We suggest a brief chat before you arrive so we can best accommodate your loved one. As we have our own pets we find that this really helps to ensure the best experience for all. Please, no more than two pets at any one time.  If you have a larger animal such as a horse, please give us a call and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Where can my pet(s) be on your property?

For cats, they will only be able to reside inside the cottage. As for your dog/s they may be inside the cottage, in the designated yard and you may walk around the grounds but on lead only.  This is particularly important due to our steers, chickens and native wildlife such as kangaroos, echidna’s and birdlife. In the summer months, we also want to show caution due the possibility of snakes. We want your fur babies to be safe! Note that for larger animals we do have fenced (electric too) paddocks and stables.

What are the ‘house rules’?

  • Pet(s) must have their latest vaccinations and be able to demonstrate this via a letter from your vet or a copy of the vaccination certificate

  • Flea and worming treatment must be up to date; please do not arrive if your pet(s) have fleas or worms which may impact our own pets.  Please note that as we have two steers you will be putting your own pet at risk if their worming treatment is not current

  • Your dog must always be on a leash outside of the cottage; except for the designated off leash area (this is well signposted)

  • You are responsible for cleaning up any and pet refuse, as well as cleaning or wiping down your dog(s) before he/she comes indoors. Large towels are provided for his purpose or you may bring your own

  • No dogs on couches, chairs or beds; please bring your own dog bed or use the one provided

  • No dogs are to be left unattended in the room or designated yard however if you need to do this please speak to us to ensure we are home and have your contact details to call you if there are any issues

  • Please use dog waste bags provided and dispose in the designated bin provided which is just around the side of the front door

  • Your dog(s) are allowed in the communal areas such as the pool deck, but on a lead and not inside the pool fence.  Under no circumstances are dogs allowed in the pool. This is unfair to other guests and us as we’d have to undertake extensive cleaning if this was to occur (and these costs would be passed onto yourselves)

  • No friends with their pet(s) may be in the room or property unless agreed with us at the outset.

What if unexpected damage occurs?

If something unexpected happens just contact us and we can talk through the best way to resolve.  We know that no one plans or expects any damage so a conversation is best.  We may ask for additional cleaning fee of $50, retain your bond and/or request replacement costs.

What we want most? 

Is for you and your beloved pet/s to have a wonderful time staying with us at Seven2Five and that you get to enjoy making new memories exploring this beautiful part of the Great Ocean Road.

Policy Updates

This Policy may change from time to time and is available on our website.

Policy Updates

This Policy may change from time to time and is available on our website.

Privacy Policy Complaints and Enquiries

If you have any queries or complaints about our Privacy Policy please contact us at:

725 Great Ocean Road, Bellbrae, Victoria 3228

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